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Product description: MAAs Mom & Baby UV Milk Sun Protection Moisturizing Milk, 50 ml

MAAs Mom & Baby UV Milk is a moisturizing milk with sun protection based on only natural ingredients, ideal for sensitive and atopic skin. The product was developed in collaboration with dermatologists. Does not clog pores, moisturizes and protects the skin from harmful UV radiation. Can be used for babies from birth.

Milk contains several components that are unique to Japanese scientists. The discovery of this brand is a special component - MAAs - mycosporin-like acids - these are natural UVA filters and antioxidants. They are obtained using a special technology from blue-green algae. Their tiny size allows them to penetrate deep into the skin, nourishing it from the inside out. As part of the masks, these acids are designed not only to fight the destruction of collagen in the skin, but also to stimulate the skin to produce its own collagen. Thanks to this, after the first application, wrinkles are smoothed out, the face looks toned and fresh. At the same time, the pores are narrowed and the relief is leveled, excessive sebum secretion decreases.

SPF 17.7 / PA ++

The squalane in the composition easily penetrates the lipid layer of the skin and prevents moisture evaporation. This allows you to effectively moisturize and prevent dryness and flaking, returns the skin to its previous smoothness and elasticity.

Natural oils of olive, rice bran and camellia seed nourish the skin, leaving it radiant and well-groomed.

**Does not contain silicones, mineral oils, alcohol, parabens, colorants and artificial fragrances.

Suitable for all skin types and ages.

Ingredients: Water, propanediol, squalane, cetyl palmitate, behenyl alcohol, polyglyceryl stearate-10, cyclodextrin, olive oil, rice bran oil, camellia seed oil, mycosporin-like acids, bisabolol, olive leaf extract, glycyrrhizinate 2, lavender oil, xanthan gum, hydroxypropyl starch phosphate, hydrogenated lecithin, tocopherol.

Application: Apply morning and evening to cleansed skin, can be used as a makeup base.

 Country of origin: Japan

MAAs Mom & Baby UV Milk (50 ml)


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