Nettle Root (Urtica Dioca)
Nettles Wildcrafted (Oregon/California)
Products: Vital Source, Essential Source

>The story

Stinging Nettle root (Urtica dioica) has been a foundational medicine for centuries and was also used as a topical treatment for skin ailments However, the real benefits of this plant are in its roots. The roots contain a compound called; Beta Sitosterol. This compound has many benefits for humans. It has strong anti allergy, asthma relief, and properties to help men with inflamed prostates. It is loaded with micro nutrients and good sources of vital minerals. This compound may also help lower blood pressure, and aid in balancing blood sugar. We add this to our Vital Source blend


Nettle root has been used for centuries as a good source of minerals, and anti allergy/athsma benefits. In addition to help with blood pressure and balancing blood sugar. In addition, it helps to chelate the free estrogens of the body. When combined with Pine pollen balances out the testosterone/estrogen balance of the body.