Rhodiola (rhodiola rosea)
Source: Russia
Product: Focus Source


  • stress adapter
  • mood enhancer
  • physical performance
  • mental endurance
  • blood sugar balancer


Rhodiala. Rosea is the most active of the three plant adaptogens producing, within 30 min of administration, a stimulating effect that continues for at least 4-6 h. The active principles of the three plants that exhibit single dose stimulating effects are glycosides of phenylpropane- and phenylethane-based phenolic compounds such as salidroside, rosavin, syringin and triandrin, the latter being the most active.

The Story

Rhodiola Rosea is one of the most resilient and beneficial natural medicines we have in existence. It grows in cold harsh climates in the mountains of Asia and Europe. Due to its chemical makeup it has numerous health benefits. Its roots contain about 140 active ingredients of which the most potent are Rosavin, Salidroside syringin and triandrin.

With its multiple pathways assisting our bodies to be more balanced and healthy has become widely known as a classic adaptogen. It is a proven medicine for reducing fatigue, it increases energy levels and physical performance including muscle recovery, dexterity, and strength. It relieves stress and promotes relaxation and a positive mental state. It balances blood glucose and helps maintain healthy levels of insulin.

In several studies it performs very well in reducing burnout and stress related symptoms, like insomnia and emotional instability. Its positive effect can also be traced to a study stating that ” perceived exertion ” was lessened, therefore humans performed better. This is thought to be because of its positive effects on neurotransmitters.
One of its key active ingredients Salidroside is also linked to diabetes control and has strong anti cancer properties as well.

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