Experience the healthiest version of you.

With Earth’s perfect super nutrients.

Saluz™ AFA Blue Green Alage Wild Harvested from Klamath Lake, Oregon.

AFA is a complex, nutritionally complete, freshwater algae unique to only one location in the world. It contains a potent mood altering molecule known as the molecule of love or joy [PEA] which boosts dopamine production resulting in remarkable and immediate improvements for depression and anxiety. It is also an immunity booster known for its ability to activate immune cell activity.

1-2 grams a day of AFA supports your own Regenerative Capabilities


  • Cognitive Function
  • Weight Loss
  • Immunity
  • Digestion
  • Central Nervous System Support
  • Cell Regeneration
  • Longevity
  • Heart health
  • Energy
  • Disease Prevention
  • Vitality
  • Healthy Skin

Paulina Gutierrez

Artist, 41 Years Old

“I had an emergency surgery and then Covid 19 in the same two months. I had a very low appetite and was so thankful that I had AFA so I could recover. Knowing all the nutrients it contains made me sleep easier. I can feel my body getting stronger everyday. Now I am surfing again and feeling great. AFA is my new supplement for life for me and my kids.”


Niko Polischuk

Jumior Pro Surfer, 15 years old

“Eating well when traveling is sometimes hard, so I bring AFA and just drink it with water when I am staying in a hotel at a contest. I feel like it gives me super power and an advantage over surfers.”


Customer Reviews

“Researching the best nutritional path for me is a confusing and time consuming process. My functional Doctor told me that what I was taking for years my body was not absorbing. I am happy to be talking AFA now. It simplifies my life so I can have peace of mind for my business and my personal meditation practice. I definitely feel the positive mental spark, I feel more calm… but also can charge my workouts better than ever. Bye bye protein powder and amino acid supplements and hello AFA.”

Neil Markey (35) Ex Army Ranger/ Retreat Leader


Customer Reviews

“I have struggled with intense food cravings since I can remember. I want to eat healthy but always return to eating sweets and drinking coca cola again and again. My weight fluctuates because of this. After taking AFA daily now for three months the intensity of my cravings is way less. I feel happier and maybe that’s why I crave less sugar. I feel great, more centered and focused, have lost weight and can dance for hours without craving a coca cola.”

– Rose Flores (33) Spa Owner/ Dancer


Customer Reviews

“I like to suck the juice out of life, day and night, this is just who I am. Before AFA I would sometimes run out of energy in my workouts or struggle with creative flow. But now since getting hooked on AFA I am a razor sharp monster, more energy, I am sleeping better and meditating longer and deeper. I really have more stamina for all aspects of life!”

– Roman Huska (35) Artist


Our Story

In the Spring of 2020, we were in the middle of producing a local environmental film project. Then the world shut down. Amid the first few months of a fast spreading viral pandemic we retreated to a nearby sanctuary, where the jungle meets the sea. We emerged from some deep listening to nature with a spark of an idea. It is now OUR time to fully engage to make a tangible noticeable difference in people’s lives and reconnecting with nature was the answer. After some more thinking, reading, listening and reflecting we agreed on a basic mission statement that would drive us forward.

Our aim is to reduce human suffering and spread positive health and vitality by connecting people to the earth’s nutritional and medicinal abundance. 

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