Our Story

Who we are

In the Spring of 2020, we were in the middle of producing a local environmental film project. Then the world shut down. Amid the first few months of a fast spreading viral pandemic we retreated to a nearby sanctuary, where the jungle meets the sea. We emerged from some deep listening to nature with a spark of an idea. It is now OUR time to fully engage to make a tangible noticeable difference in people’s lives and reconnecting with nature was the answer. After some more thinking, reading, listening and reflecting we agreed on a basic mission statement that would drive us forward.

 Our aim is to reduce human suffering and spread positive health and vitality by connecting people to the earth’s nutritional and medicinal abundance

At first we focused on creating a charitable foundation to spread the knowledge and production of various local natural medicine plants. The need to promote and distribute the best nutrients and healing compounds on earth drove us past this initial idea. Soon we were learning and connecting to the sources of the best adaptogenic plants, medicinal fungi, freshwater algae and sea plants in the world. Without fully realizing it the idea of reconnecting people to these natural healing gifts was now our only focus and everything that was not connected to this initial idea seemed trivial. We were building a real company. The momentum was palpable and serendipity common.

 We did the deep research, made the right calls and drove thousands of miles sleeping in a borrowed camper truck looking for solutions, learning about our ingredients, gathering the story, seeking experienced advice and building a team. We have invested all our savings to meet the people connected to what we now know are the worlds most effective natural healing ingredients. On those long drives late into the night the idea for what is now Saluz.io emerged, took shape and started to grow wings 

Today we have assembled a passionate, dedicated and agile team of health enthusiasts, scientists, storytellers, master herbalists and business experts.  We have been spun together for the purpose of connecting as many people as possible to the healing and life changing benefits of nutraceutical supplementation. We feel that we are agents of change for a universal evolutionary pull to bring humans back to the obvious solutions… Nature! This reconnection is occurring globally and the movement has already started and is accelerating! 

We are humanists, storytellers and are passionate about making a difference. The learning  and sharing will never stop. Our mission is to produce wellness, making it easier and more effective to connect YOU to nature’s gifts.  

Co Founders

Darrin and Daniel

Meet The Founders

There are as many paths on the journey toward natural health as there are people. For us this journey is now our work.

We are not mycologists, scientists or herbalists, rather two guys with a deep passion for learning and sharing. We understand that by working hard we can do a small part to reduce suffering and increase the quality of life. We also believe that we are agents for reconnecting humans to life more connected to nature and a lifestyle more akin to ancient humans

Darrin Polischuk is a natural educator, visual storyteller, activist, father and adrenaline pursuer whose children live barefoot as close to nature and the ocean as possible in a small town in Mexico. He loves telling stories and sharing the wisdom he has learned through his journey as an action sports TV producer, author and photographer. He views life through the lens of a camera, using his unique ability to uncover stories and connect the common threads of our human experience. He is extremely passionate about contributing to reduce suffering for people and the planet. He finds true peace in the ocean sharing waves with his kids, and loved ones

Daniel Spencer is a veteran wellness practitioner and consultant. In the pursuit of a lifestyle more aligned with his philosophy and goals he moved from Silicon Valley to Mexico. He teaches workshops, retreats, mentors students, consults for CEO’s and trains champion athletes. He is a natural connector, lifelong learner and eternal optimist. His passion is to share beneficial health practices, learn about natural medicines, experience the wisdom of other cultures and connect deeper to nature. He believes that when we provide our bodies with proper nutrition, time in nature and community everyone can thrive in LIfe!