Our Story

Who We Are

In the Spring of 2020, We were working on an environmental film project. The focus was on telling stories about characters that we resonating their environmental beliefs and action creating a harmonic life, inspiring characters who are engaged in making a positive difference.

Then the world shut down.

We retreated to a nearby sanctuary where the jungle meets the sea. Amid the first few months of a fast spreading viral pandemic with the world literally on fire, the interconnected nature of our existence on earth had never been so apparent in modern times. Many of us had the luxury of time to actually stop, reflect, reconnect with ourselves, and reassess our purpose in life. It was obvious that the mainstream disconnection from nature was bringing humans individually and collectively closer to death or collective environmental disaster. To sit by and just watch the show was no longer an option.

We emerged from some deep listening from nature with speak of an idea. Reconnecting with nature clearly was the answer. We pivoted from the film project to a more direct healing based approach to make a real impact in people’s lives. We agreed on a basic mission statement that would drive us forward.

Our aim is to reduce human suffering and spread positive health and vitality by connecting people to the healing power of nature and earth’s nutritional and medicinal abundance.

From  that moment, everything that was not connected to this central idea was trivial. At first we focused on creating a charitable foundation to spread the knowledge and production of local natural medicine plants. But then it became more clear that to make the biggest possible impact needed to uncover the best nutrients and healing compounds on earth and find a way to get them into the hands of as many people as possible. Fueled by a deep passion and sense of purpose we focused on connecting to the SOURCE of the best adaptogenic plants, medicinal fungi, freshwater algae and sea plants in the world. We did the deep research, made the calls and drove thousands of miles sleeping in a borrowed  camper truck looking for solutions, learning about our ingredients, gathering the story, seeking experienced advice and building our team. We invested all our savings to travel and meet the people connected to what we now know are the worlds most effective natural healing ingredients. On those long drives late into the night the idea for what is now Saluz.io emerged, took shape and started to grow wings.

Today we have assembled a passionate, dedicated and agile team of health enthusiasts, scientists, mater herbalists, technology and business experts. We have been spun together for the purpose of connecting as many people as possible to the healing and life changing benefits of nutraceutical supplementation. We feel that we are agents for a universal evolutionary pull of humans back to the Source, Nature!

We are humanists, dreamers and storytellers. Our job is to connect YOU to nature’s healing and regenerative goodness in an easy and effective way.

Co Founders

Darrin and Daniel