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The first spark of life occurred when Earth’s primordial elements finally connected with the energy from the sun with a sense of purpose. The first steps of biological life occurred when amino acids, sugars, and fatty acids finally recognized each other and began Inhaling carbon dioxide and exhaling oxygen. This event was the creation of the first single-cell organism that could harness the power of the sun through photosynthesis. Earth, water, air, and sunlight blending in a perfect billion-year-old harmonic dance. This spark ignited life for our now oxygen-rich planet and cyanobacteria became the world’s first organism and food. This ancient spark of Life is available to you today!




AFA is a miracle combination of evolutionary events and geographic fortune. Around 8000 years ago a massive volcanic eruption on Mount Mazama created what is now known as Crater Lake, Oregon. The resulting flow of rich mineral deposits from miles below the surface of the earth covered much of the Pacific Northwest with diverse mineral sediments. In nearby Upper Klamath Lakes, mineral sediment lines the lake bottom in places almost 90 feet deep infusing AFA with naturally occurring mineral wealth fueling the growth of AFA with life-essential minerals. The alkaline lake has multiple sources of pristine mineral-rich spring water flowing year-round. When combined with the abundance of sunshine, the absolutely perfect environment for AFA to evolve, grow and flourish was created.

Each spring the AFA cells are awakened from the cold lake bottom and nourished by the same combination of sunlight, pure water, and minerals that gave life on earth its initial spark, billions of years ago.



The result is a perfectly balanced highly bioavailable nutrient-dense superfood with complete and perfectly balanced amino acids, live enzymes, and stacked with proper vitamins and minerals. Many health experts, authors, doctors, and nutritional scientists consider AFA the world’s most perfect food. This sustainable superfood crop is the only remaining raw uncultivated food in the USA that can be harvested commercially. It is a complex billion-year-old nutrient-dense cell that when taken regularly can unlock your body’s ability to regenerate itself and heal you in multiple ways.






Our AFA is wild-harvested in certified spring-fed pristine lake waters and is USDA-certified organic. We batch test rigorously throughout the harvest and drying process. Our AFA is also quality and purity tested in independent FDA-approved facilities. We are passionate about delivering the purest most intact nutrient-rich cell to you in its perfect bioavailable form, 97% assimilable for your body.






Those who had dedicated years to the study of nutrition and cellular regeneration, marvel at AFA for its perfection as a macro and micronutrient factory. It is considered “ among the most self-sufficient organisms on earth” with an unusually high concentration of valuable nutrients. The secret is in the cell wall. Soft and easily absorbed by humans, it accumulates nutrients and protective enzymes and receives energy from the sun. “The cell membrane continues to increase in size and store more proteins, essential fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, and chlorophyll” says Karl Abrams in his comprehensive book “Algae to the Rescue. Countless authors, scientists, doctors, and nutritional experts regard AFA as the most nutritionally complete, potent, balanced, and easily absorbed superfood for humans on the planet.

The cold water environment assisted AFA’s evolution to include a complete spectrum of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids unique to the world. Imagine the best mother’s milk or cold water fish oils perfectly balanced and easily digestible. The AFA Omega 3, 6 groups have been studied extensively and are crucial links to our health, responsible for all cellular functioning, heart health, mood disorders, skin and nail disorders, fatigue, and insomnia.



Dry weight AFA consists of about 65 to 70% protein. These are small proteins, easily digested and assimilated into our bodies. They’re vital for functions such as protein synthesis, tissue repair, nutrient absorption, stabilizing our blood sugar levels, and supplying us with the amino acids needed for life. Some proteins also prevent muscle loss and improve mood, sleep, athletic performance, and weight loss. The amino acid profile of humans and AFA are virtually identical. We need to ingest essential amino acids regularly to maintain optimal health. Therefore it is crucial for overall health and in particular mental health that we supplement with AFA daily. For example, the combination of amino acid phenylethylamine converting to tyrosine in the liver are powerful mood enhancers. That is just a small part of the miraculous complete story of the earth’s first protein. AFA presents a full array of mood and cognitive-enhancing amino acids that harmonize our mental state. Users comment on increased clarity and focus. It’s the amino acids working with essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals synergistically tuning your body and mind to realize your true potential.


The modern diet for many of us is problematic on many levels, but one area we all need support in is ingesting sufficient enzymes. Modern food production demands that enzymes be removed from most food for efficient travel, storage time between harvesting and your table. In a way, we are eating dead food, with little or no active enzymes, which decreases the absorption rate of our food. Therefore supporting your body with a supplement that contains enzymes along with sufficient mineral cofactors is crucial. AFA is loaded with protective antioxidant enzymes that are champions of longevity, disease prevention, and immunity support. When many of these enzymes are paired with minerals such as Superoxide dismutase SOD are energized by zinc, copper, and manganese they become powerful healing forces for cell membranes, tissue fluidity, and stem cell regeneration. Throughout the billions of years on earth, AFA has used these antioxidants to protect its own DNA from damaging free radicals. By consuming AFA we protect ourselves as well.










The complete story of AFA must include a closer look at the rich deep earth mineral sediment that makes AFA such a superior green superfood. Our entire body requires sufficient minerals to function, bulk minerals like calcium, potassium and trace minerals like manganese or selenium to maintain peak efficiency. Minerals are crucial to conducting the electrical energy needed for life. There are also measurable needs for minerals in our bodies at the smallest of levels, this is where rare mineral supplementation is needed and AFA is the only nutraceutical supplement that provides them all including rare and precious minerals, over 70 in total.





Today’s depleted soils and nutrient deficient diets make it almost impossible to receive the complete suite of minerals your body needs to operate at peak efficiency. Due to the volcanic eruption and the constant flow of fresh mineral sediment AFA is loaded with, all the minerals we need. Optimal bioavailable teamwork for humans.

Recent advances in technology have uncovered new and exciting amino acids in AFA with direct benefit to you. Mycosporine-like amino acids (MAAs) are water-soluble molecules that absorb UV-A and UV-B radiation and disperse the energy as heat. They are present as an evolutionary adaptation to intense sunlight acting as nature’s sun screen protector. Their ability to block out harmful UV radiation is a benefit of AFA that is emerging with enormous potential for humans. Consuming AFA is like putting on sunscreen.





Phenylalanine + L-Tyrosine = Phenylethylamine (PEA) 

aka. Love Molecule



AFA contains the neurological boosting essential amino acid Phenylethylamine PEA, among a host of other neuro enhancers. It crosses the brain-blood barrier faster than any other amino acid and is linked to mood-elevating neuropeptides including dopamine and adrenaline. It is a proven natural antidepressant with zero side effects.

Over time AFA can regenerate your body cell by cell and bring you back to harmony. With its easily digestible nutrients that the body needs to thrive.

When consumed as a powder mixed in a smoothie or with water or juice it will taste strong, nutty pungent and a little medicinal, but not overpowering. This is the taste of pure nutrition. It will taste ALIVE!

After careful and repeated testing for toxicity AFA is gently wild harvested with the focus on maintaining cellular integrity and purity. It is a labor intensive harvest with about a 30 to 1 ratio of what is taken from the lake to the perfectly dried AFA powder ready to be put in capsules or your smoothie. Saluz is proud to partner with KVB Botanicals, the most experienced and passionate harvester. Their focus is to carefully manage the cellular integrity throughout the process from harvesting to flash drying.




To fully grasp the miracle of AFA as a nutritional supplement is a large and constantly evolving scientific task. But to frame the understanding in a way nonscientists, i.e. most of us can grasp we have to view the entirety of biological life on earth as an interconnected journey. We share DNA and the exact amino acid profile with AFA. Humans evolved from this organism, we have receptor sites for all its nutrient compounds. When we consume it, we are absorbing a perfectly balanced link to the original miracle SPARK OF LIFE. This perfect cell has survived billions of years, constantly adapting, creating the compounds or survival skills needed to fight off threats and thrive. AFA passes this superpower directly to you.