Getting Started on AFA

Getting Started on AFA

AFA is powerful. Although, like us, it can’t do it alone. To truly unlock the regenerative power of AFA and experience the pinnacle of your health’s potential you need to have the courage to reflect and adjust your daily behaviors. While they may seem cliche, they work: minimizing consumption of processed sugars and fatty foods, drinking more water and less booze, daily physical exercise, and spending time outdoors are vital components to a robust body. Pair them with regular use of AFA and your body and mind will thank you! 

Containing traces of literally every nutrient on Earth, AFA is a potent superfood – perfectly balanced and bioavailable. Due to the density of nutrients, the recommended initial consumption is 1g/day (gram per day), for two weeks. This gives your body time to adjust and assimilate the complex nutritional profile that it’s being introduced to. Studies show that around 20% of individuals have noticeable signs of detox, including diarrhea and skin rashes, in the first weeks of consumption. If this happens to you, scale down to .5g/day until these symptoms go away, and resume 1g/day from then on.  

Just as every person on Earth is different, so will be their physiological reaction to AFA ingestion. For some, there is a noticeable mental improvement in mood and cognitive ability, with reports of feeling happier, more alert, and more focused. Individuals who experience these impacts can even increase their dose to 2g/day, as their bodies are fully embracing the neurological awakening that AFA provides. For others, the experience won’t be as tangible, but do not be alarmed, cellular regeneration is happening all the same, and you should feel confident knowing that by taking AFA you are advancing your body’s longevity and disease protection. 

Dosages for those who are battling chronic disease or struggling with other serious conditions are recommended up to 5g/day. In many acute cases AFA has demonstrated its ability to produce radical healing..  

We recognize the difficulty that lies in changing habits and beginning a new path. We understand that even after exciting, consistent beginning periods, sometimes we fall by the wayside and let old habits take over. However, we also realize that if you weren’t serious about your health, you wouldn’t be reading this.

Commitment to the process is crucial to receiving the full range of benefits that AFA has to offer. Give yourself time, give yourself reminders, set alarms, notes on the fridge – whatever it takes to remember why you started your journey with AFA!

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