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AFA Wild Harvested Blue Green Algae by Saluz™ - 50g

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Customer Reviews

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Janalyn Rose
AFA Covers all the Bases

I was very ill for 6 months, after taking AFA for 14 days I started to feel better, and after 30 days I was able to exercise and do all the things I love to do. It helps my breathing, energy, and focus and supports my lifestyle so I can squeeze the most out of each day. AFA covers all the essentials in nutrition my body needs, it’s calm alert energy to power me through the day. YouTube video placeholder
Jon Neff
"Magic powder"

Decisions about which supplements to buy for my family is a confusing mess of marketing claims and scientific jargon. However, when a friend told me about AFA, I understood right away that it is unique a``green superfood”. Now knowing what's inside AFA I am confident that my entire family is getting the best nutrition possible. My two kids love how the color of the smoothies changes when we add the “ magic powder”. It's making nutrition fun! I am a smoothie master now, feel great and am losing weight.

Nellie Mendoza
Very nutritive

I pay close attention to my nutrition and eat local and organic as much as I can. But this is not always possible. When I cannot get organic local greens, I rely on AFA to give me all the nutrients I am missing. I am now pregnant and my daily nutrition is more important than ever. AFA is like nature's multi-vitamin and I am happy to take it everyday so I can feel my best! And I love how it tastes better than other green superfoods, it tastes like clean pure nutrition.

Krystal Frost
Better than spirulina

I always look for the highest quality products for my customers and patients. I have known about AFA for years and am excited that I can now sell it at an affordable price in my store. I love the story that it is a wild harvested and a USDA certified organic green superfood full of everything we need. Everyone should be taking it. It is a little more expensive than spirulina, but it is way better. I take it everyday and feel great.

Paulina Gutierrez
Post surgery miracle

I had an emergency surgery and then Covid 19 in the same two months. I had a very low appetite and was so thankful that I had AFA so I could recover. Knowing all the nutrients it contains made me sleep easier. I can feel my body getting stronger everyday. Now I am surfing again and feeling great. AFA is my new supplement for life for me and my kids.