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AFA + Cordyceps

Taken Daily AFA + Cordyceps is a powerful combination for optimal energy*

Cordyceps (Cordyceps Sinensis

Summary: Contains active ingredients including cordycepin, adenosine, sterols, flavonoids, polyphenolics, and many polysaccharides for boosting, athletic performance, vitality and body harmony. Cordyceps are frequently used in TCM, and are considered a super medicinal mushroom for treating respiratory ailments, preventing and reducing the growth of immune compromised cells, supporting blood sugar regulation and body harmony. It is one of the great adaptogenic modulators for our bodies that works via mechanisms of action that are still being discovered. 

The Story

Cordyceps are a unique and highly potent parasitic mushroom that literally consumes death to create life by attacking and growing in caterpillar larvae. Wild harvested cordyceps are rare and extremely expensive but our USDA organic grown Cordyceps Sinensis are painstakingly cultivated from the highest quality Tibetan strains, reproducing the same light, temperature, and oxygen levels as its native environment. Our strand has the same genetics of the original, found where it was originally located. The result is a cordyceps with maximum potency and in fact have more active compounds then wild harvested.


 Strong evidence suggests that Cordyceps is a scientifically proven natural performance enhancer. Performance increases around 7% are reported on VO2 max tests. Cordyceps can immediately boost production and efficiency of ATP production in our bodies. ATP or Adenosine triphosphate is an organic compound and hydrotrope that's  crucial to providing energy to our cellular processes. The result is an immediate boost to general athletic performance in humans regarding efficient energy metabolism resulting in increased endurance, reduced fatigue and quicker recovery. Asian Olympic athletes and world record performances are associated with the use of Cordyceps. 

AFA + Cordyceps

The energy pathways and micronutrients in AFA are superior to most supplements today because of how vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymatic processes work together. It is the dance of optimal human performance that only a complete super food source of nutrients can deliver.

AFA adds energizing micronutrients via Chlorophyll A that increases the transport and utilization of oxygen into the cells. Combined with high quality Vitamin B complex and in particular high quality Vit B12 (Cobalamin) that  can synthesize hemoglobin keeping red blood cells oxygenated. It is known to increase energy and repair the nervous system.

 AFA’s synergistic nutrients (via lysine + 5 enzymes) produce Carnitine which leads to an increase in fat burning (transporting fat from cell membrane into mitochondria of our muscle cells) which leads to more sustainable energy. Fat converts to ATP for quick use for our muscles and Converts fat to lean muscle. The formation of new blood while maintaining optimal alkalinity for oxygen to be utilized. All this plus 4% RnA acts as a “super power” to increase oxygen uptake, and respiratory efficiency.

Clinical Studies


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**These products are not intended to treat cure or prevent any diseases. 

Energy + Performance + Longevity + Weight Loss Pairing - 50g


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