Welcome to your first week on AFA

How to Maximize your AFA Experience 

First Week 0.5 - 2g/day Recommended Dosage:

 AFA quickly raises micronutrient levels and overall body performance, detoxing the body of heavy metals. If this occurs take 0.5 g until symptoms clear. Follow up with raising your dose.

 Day 1-3 

1/4 Teaspoon

1 Gram 

2 Capsules 

Day 4 - 5

1/3 Teaspoon

1.5 gram

3 capsules

Day 6 - 7

1/2 Teaspoon

 2 gram 

4 capsules


Healing Dose 2 - 6 + g/day

Take 2-6+ grams if you are seeking rapid sustained cellular regeneration to support specific disease conditions or for those seeking to maximize nutrient levels for optimal benefits


Maintenance Dose 2 - 4g/day

For those who have been using AFA for 6 months or more and want to maintain optimal micronutrient levels, continue healthy habits and sustained benefits 


AFA is the most nutrient rich superfood on Earth period! 

Taking AFA daily can “level up” your nutrition rapidly. In fact most people actually feel it working on the first dose.

Noticeable reported benefits are an Increase in sustained calm energy and a mental boost. After extended use more benefits are experienced.  

However others do not feel this increase in calm sustained energy or a mental spark. That is why we recommend you ask yourself "how you feel" before taking AFA, then later "check in '' with yourself about how you feel. The goal here is to create a more connected mind/body experience. Some customers that feel no difference have reported they feel the difference only after they STOP taking it. 

Regardless of whether you feel it or not, rest assured the nutrients in AFA are busy working in your body within minutes of you absorbing your first dose. 

AFA blue green algae is your new nutrient foundation for life. Give it a week and experience what cellular regeneration can feel like for yourself.

 Take Daily