Saluz Lifestyle bundles are a synergistic combination of 2 products directed toward a specific set of needs, benefits or lifestyle. We include one AFA-based product as a nutritional foundation and one other Saluz products.

Why do they work

AFA contains a unique enzyme that boosts and increases the absorption of whatever you pair it with.


How do you take

Take your Vital in the morning before your first meal, before your chosen athletic endeavor take your Pine Pollen with AFA/CBC so your body has sustainable energy as you push the body in your chosen way.  


Nutraceutical supplements blend together with synergy.


AFA provides complete micronutrient foundation, provides the minerals for the tinctures to work more efficiently with your cells. 



Saluz Lifestyle Bundles


Experienced health enthusiasts and biohackers cycle on and off nutraceuticals exploring ways to supplement their lifestyles based on the effective properties of each while giving their bodies a different supplement


Saluz Nutraceutical bundles are combinations of products directed toward a specific set of needs and benefits. We include one AFA based product as a nutrient foundation and two other Saluz nutraceuticals.