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The body’s ability to remove toxins via the liver, kidneys, digestive system, skin, and lungs are vital functions of a healthy body. AFA is known and prescribed by many functional doctors as a powerful detoxifier. AFA essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and enzymes support healthy organs that support everyday detox functions. The minerals in AFA chelate to the toxins (or heavy metals) so the organs “when healthy” can effectively eliminate toxic substances.

Good Habits

  • Eating nutrient dense whole food meal
  • Allow time for digestion between meals
  • Hydration.
  • Periodic fasting or caloric restriction.
  • Taking Enzymes with meals
  • Bad Habits

  • Ingestion of vegetable Oils, or rancid oils
  • Excess sugar
  • Excess saturated fat
  • Alcohol
  • Excessive soda or "sugary" drinks
  • Over-eating
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Toxic environment and common household products
  • Saluz + Detox Program

    AFA will start detoxifying the buildup of heavy metals as well as prevent a surge of heavy metal and neurotoxin accumulation. Including heavy metals like aluminum, cadmium, lead, and mercury. While repairing damaged liver cells and cleansing the blood, to increase absorption of nutrients through the intestines, and removal of intestinal waste.
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    Detox is not a trendy diet or something you do once in a while rather an essential daily function resulting in a healthy mind and body. Toxic metals such as arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury are ubiquitous, have no beneficial role in human health and are known contributors to chronic diseases. Furthermore toxins in our food, environment and household products also need to be removed as does excess radiation.

    A nutritional approach to detox using AFA is a common sense way to support your organs innate ability to rid the body of toxins. Your lungs and skin play a role in detox, but the liver and kidneys are where most of the work occurs. Antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and other phytochemicals, all of which are present in AFA, support cellular regeneration and major organ health. AFA is known as an effective detox supplement, the engine driving the detox is healthy organs. AFA contains the highest concentration of the green pigment chlorophyll per gram than any other substance on earth. Chlorophyll contains a central magnesium atom which is known to activate over 300 enzyme systems. Chlorophyll is the “blood” for plants almost identical in molecular makeup with human red blood hemoglobin except chlorophyll is green with a central magnesium atom while human blood is red with central iron atom. It is known as a blood cleanser, oxygenator and plays a critical role in metabolic functions. It is a blood rebuilder and cellular protector.

    The pathway for detoxification moves from the liver to the lymphatic system, kidneys and blood. We excrete toxins through our feces, urine, perspiration and breathe. When this large and interconnected system is working, usually all is well. When toxins start to accumulate and the system is not being fed proper nutrients to function, toxins remain in our bodies, cellular regeneration is impacted and the risk factor for disease and illness begins to rise.

    AFA contains the Amino Acids, Methionine, Arginine, and Isoleucine, chelating trace minerals, and potent antioxidants, via phycocyanins and superoxide dismutase (SOD). Chlorophyll helps repair damaged liver cells.

    Essential Fatty Acids or EFA's and Beta Carotenes protect against oxidized liver cells. This includes detoxifying heavy metals which have been known to cause health problems.

    Common symptoms of detox include:
    • Mental Fogginess, confusion or dizziness
    • Mild to moderate skin rashes or discharges
    • Sore Mouth and tongue
    • Fatigue or listlessness
    • Menstrual cycle re-adjustments
    • Metallic taste in mouth
    • Increase in flatulence or intestinal gas

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