Many health experts, authors, doctors, and nutritional scientists consider AFA the world’s most perfect food. This sustainable superfood crop is the only remaining raw uncultivated food in the USA that can be harvested commercially. It is a complex billion-year-old nutrient-dense cell that when taken regularly can unlock your body’s ability to regenerate itself and heal you in multiple ways.

Around 8000 years ago a massive volcanic eruption covered the bottom of Upper Klamath Lakes with rich mineral sediment. The rare minerals combined with the abundance of sunshine, creates the perfect environment for AFA (Blue Green Algae) to flourish.

The result is a perfectly balanced highly bioavailable nutrient-dense superfood loaded with amino acids, omega 3's, live enzymes, and stacked with proper vitamins and minerals all working together in perfect harmony.

Simply mix into a glass of water, juice or smoothie. AFA can also be mixed it into different recipes as well such as salad dressing and chia pudding.

AFA Blue Green Algae has a slightly bitter, nutty, floral flavor that tastes alive. According to traditional Chinese Medicine, bitter flavors influence the heart-mind system actually helping the mind focus better.

Cognitive Function, Weight Loss, Immunity, Digestion, Central Nervous System, Support, Cell Regeneration, Longevity, Heart health, Energy, Disease Prevention, Vitality, Healthy Skin

The micronutrients in AFA are all associated with profound health benefits and your body will recognize then as "food". Consult with your physician before making any changes to your diet during pregnancy or nursing.

Due to its highly absorbable nutrients, some say they feel a mental “spark” after ingesting it. That may be due to its amino acids stimulating the neurons in your brain. For others the feeling may be less pronounced.

Spirulina and chlorella are cultivated in man-made ponds whereas AFA is wild harvested from Upper Klamath Lake where it grows in a pristine, mineral-rich environment The difference in energy one receives from these whole foods is similar to the difference between cultivated produce and foraged wild vegetables and fruits. In general, one needs to take only a third as much AFA per day.

You should expect your AFA to arrive within 2-4 business days after ordering.

If you choose to subscribe and save 20% on your orders, you can cancel or modify your subscription at any time.

We strongly believe you will love the way you feel when taking AFA every day. If for whatever reason you do not, we offer a full refund within 30 days. No questions asked.

Molecules that are necessary for life processes but impossible for the body to produce. Essential amino acids, fatty acids must be supplied by the diet.

They are biomolecules that are required for health and survival. English Scientist Casmir Funk realized they were vital and thought they belonged in the “amine” family. Vital + Amines=Vitamins.

Molecules that bind together to create polypeptides or proteins. There are 20 amino acids the body requires. 8 are considered essential. AFA consists of ⅔ its weight in amino acids which contains all 20 amino acids perfectly balanced for your body to absorb.

Consist of amino acids, valine, leucine, isoleucine, which consist of 1/3 of our muscle tissue.

Contain metallic and nonmetallic elements are essential for all forms of life. They provide a “spark” to each of cells. Minerals pair with, vitamins, activate enzymes and amino acids. Essential minerals: (Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium, Potassium) Trace minerals: ( Vanadium, Selenium, Boron)

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