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Fasting is a practice that has been associated with a wide array of potential health benefits, including weight loss, improved blood sugar control, heart health, brain function, digestion, and a decrease in inflammation.

Supporting the body with key nutrients to keep your brain functioning so you can maintain focus and energy while your body starts to perform an internal cellular cleanse.

Many "new fasters" complain of brain fog and low energy. Depending on the state of your health AFA has lessened the "challenging" effects of fasting.

Good Habits

  • Eating when hungry,
  • Minimizing snacks between meals,
  • Eat until full.
  • Eat nutrient dense unprocessed real food.
  • Bad Habits

  • Emotional eating,
  • Eating when bored, depressed, or dehydrated.
  • AFA + Fasting

    During fasting, the body first uses up glucose and glycogen. When this is depleted the energy required for life is released in the form of chemicals called ketones that help cells—especially brain cells—keep working at full capacity. Ketones are believed to be more efficient energy than glucose and may protect against aging-related decline in the central nervous system that is the cause of many neurological disorders.

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    CR and fasting research is focusing on inflammation, sugar metabolism, maintenance of protein structures, the capacity to provide energy for cellular processes, and modifications to DNA and oxidative stress which is the production of toxic byproducts that can damage cells and tissues all reducing risk factors for diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

    CR and fasting is also associated with slowdowns in tumor growth because malignant cancer cells cannot effectively obtain energy from ketones. Ketones are also believed to support inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and reduce the level of insulin in the blood.

    AFA supports the ketogenic process by supplying your body with potent balanced and digestible macronutrients while maintaining a low caloric intake.
    AFA Wild Harvested Blue Green Algae by Saluz™ AFA Wild Harvested Blue Green Algae by Saluz™ - Saluz Health
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