Bone Density - Joint Pain - Stiff

Joint Inflammation and Bone Health

AFA contains key minerals like Boron that assist in retaining Calcium and Magnesium to strengthen bones. AFA also contains a harmonious mix of compounds like Selenium, Glutathione peroxidase (GPx), and when combined with Vitamin E, create an all-natural anti-inflammatory that alleviates pain and promotes healing. AFA’s proper micronutrient nutrition can support conditions such as Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Chronic Inflammation.

Good Habits

  • Limit Sugar Intake
  • Healthy Sodium Consumption
  • Active lifestyle
  • Regular Physical Movement
  • Diet High In Omega 3’s
  • Bad Habits

  • Processed foods
  • Cooking or eating foods containing Vegetable Oils
  • Excess Sodium Consumption
  • Excess Red Meat Consumption
  • Excess Alcohol Consumption
  • Limited Physical Movement
  • Poor Stress Management
  • AFA + Joint Inflammation

    AFA's 20 amino acids protect against cellular degradation/ oxidation or rust. AFA also contains a mix of specific compounds like selenium, and GSH peroxidase when combined with Vitamin E creates a natural anti-inflammatory to alleviate pain.
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    AFA supports treatment of joint inflammation with its abundance of Beta Carotenes, Omega-3’s, live enzymes, amino acids, and minerals that increase the absorption of its nutrients. AFA contains approximately 14 mg of absorbable Calcium per gram–the highest amount of any green foods.

    This bountiful combination of nutrients activates the master antioxidant, coenzyme Glutathione, preventing the formation of free radicals that would otherwise oxidate bloodstreams and release calcium, forming plaque arteries.

    Beta Carotene and other amino acids provide strong protection against free radical damage, along with cellular regeneration, helping the body quickly repair damaged cells. The synergy between the minerals Selenium, Methionine, combined with Vitamin E, activates the super enzyme Glutathione, a dynamic antioxidant which protects from free radicals, acting as an anti-inflammatory. AFA’s high levels of Omega-3’s help with joint inflammation in conjunction with Boron, an important macro mineral, as they decrease inflammation and plaque buildup in the arteries, maintaining adequate blood flow to the cells.

    Copper and Zinc are part of the antioxidant enzyme Superoxide dismutases (SOD) which keeps synovial joints lubricated. Macro mineral Manganese assists in the production of Mucopolysaccharides that hydrate surrounding tissues, positively impacting bone joints.

    AFA encompasses all of these indispensable micronutrients and macro minerals–reinvigorating and reinforcing bone and joint health.
    AFA Wild Harvested Blue Green Algae by Saluz™ AFA Wild Harvested Blue Green Algae by Saluz™
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    AFA Wild Harvested Blue Green Algae by Saluz™
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    • AFA Wild Harvested Blue Green Algae by Saluz™
    • AFA Wild Harvested Blue Green Algae by Saluz™
    • AFA Wild Harvested Blue Green Algae by Saluz™ - Saluz Health
    • AFA Wild Harvested Blue Green Algae by Saluz™

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