Our Promise to You!

Pure AFA only!

Anytime there is water, minerals and sunshine, algae will grow or bloom. It is this exact willingness to thrive and grow that makes certain types of micro algae such powerful nutrient supplements. There are 2000 different types of blue green algae or cyanobacteria on Earth. They are earth’s original organisms. Many of us may also know “algae” as being a nuisance or even dangerous in freshwater lakes. This diversity where some species are beneficial and some are potentially harmful is similar to the kingdom of fungi where some mushrooms are good to eat, some are powerful psychedelics, immunity boosters, or anti cancer treatments, and some can be harmful.

Several Blue Green Algae types are used as nutritional supplements today. All of these other green algae superfoods are grown in artificial ponds. Saluz AFA, or AFA k2 as it is technically known by scientists, is wild harvested on Upper Klamath Lake, the only lake in the world where it grows. 

AFA is the most unique, rare and nutrient dense of all the Blue Greens on Earth. AFA is the only nutritional micro algae that is wild harvested. This means it grows wild in nature, and is not cultivated by man. There are other types of cyanobacteria, such as Microcystis species that can also be present on Upper Klamath. These cyanobacteria can present potential risks. Saluz AFA is harvested by an experienced team that has over 25 years of experience testing and harvesting pure AFA. In these years the testing and quality control procedures  have been refined. 

Today we can confidently promise we harvest pure AFA only!
The Saluz Harvesting process guarantees purity.
Upper Klamath Lake, which is surrounded by untouched National Parks and is fed by pristine mineral rich spring water, is certified pristine by Oregon Tilth or OTCO 2 times a year. This is a stringent process that ensures Upper Klamath Lake is 100% pure.

In late summer AFA “blooms” free of other algae forms. 
Saluz monitors and tests daily for purity during  the peak harvest season August to November.

When tests return negative for other algae strains and pure AFA only is present we continue to monitor the conditions several times a day and prepare for harvest. We often monitor and test the lake for weeks leading up to a harvest as AFA algae out blooms or literally out-competes other algae forms for the sunlight and water nutrients.

When we are 100% confident we have a “ unibody of AFA only” the harvest begins,we rinse and filter AFA on the harvester. We collect and send samples of each load of AFA to an independent FDA certified lab. Once we receive negative results we dry AFA  at body temperature and prepare for packaging.
Finally we send out batch tests after drying to finally ensure our promise to you. 
The entire process up until this point is USDA certified Organic.
This multi step process guarantees purity of Saluz Wild Harvested AFA

FDA link on AFA and Mycrocystins.