Our Story


How it started

In the spring of 2020 when the Covid 19 pandemic put the world on pause we hit a big reset button and pivoted from producing an environmental film to focusing on natural human health solutions. We were already deeply into the business of “ making a difference” and this pivot felt right on so many levels. At the beginning we were unaware that we were unlocking a purposeful flowstate within ourselves that we could share and build on. Purposeful energy and enthusiasm was in abundance.

Saluz Mission

We emerged from some deep listening to nature with some basic ideas that formed the bedrock foundation of what Saluz is. We simply concluded that reconnecting humans with nature is a fundamental solution for many of our global problems and that any and all work directed toward this reconnection was good. So we scribbled out a basic mission statement to guide us forward.

Our aim is to spread positive health and vitality by connecting people to the healing power of nature and earth's nutritional and medicinal abundance.

We did the deep research and drove thousands of miles to learn about the world's most trusted and studied adaptogenic plants, functional mushrooms and wild harvested freshwater blue green algae. We gathered the story and refined the vision. We met with leading scientists, doctors, authors and harvesters. On those long drives late into the night the idea for emerged.

We have been spun together for the purpose of connecting YOU to the healing and life changing benefits from the billion year old Source of life, Nature!

Co Founders

Darrin and Daniel

Darrin Polischuk

Co Founder

Daniel Spencer

Co Founder


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