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AFA Blue Green Algae is Earth's most potent super nutrient

  • Wild Harvested from Klamath Lake, Oregon, USA.
  • AFA contains over 100 nutrients complete with vitamins including the vitamin complex, over 70 minerals, 20 amino acids, Omega 3, antioxidants, enzymes Chlorophyll, phycocyanin, RNA and more, Perfectly balanced and  97% bioavailable for you.
  • AFA is a true miracle super-food because all the micronutrients work together as nature intended.

$44 per unit of AFA

$.97 per gram. compared to: $.1.10

    What customers are feeling:

    Fixed more than I expected
    This stuff is giving my body the extra minerals I need to stop having Restless Leg Syndrome! It's probably also helping my gut too, but that one fact makes me a customer for life.Amelia

    I love the way AFA makes me feel!
    This is hands down the best nutritional supplement I have ever taken. I am hands down a happier healthier person when I take the afa. The results are immediate and it feels like something I’ve been missing my whole life.
    - Ashley

    My go to supplement for someone who doesn't like taking supplements

    I really believe in the quality and the value for this product. And I definitely feel better for taking it and for giving it to my kids in smoothies! It's another level compared to all the garbage supplements that are flooding the market. 

    What doctors are saying:

    “Consumption of Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (blue-green algae) Has Rapid Effects on the Circulation of and Function of Immune Cells in Humans.” – Gitte S. Jensen, PhD, et al. 

    "AFA the native blue-green algae growing wild and abundantly in Oregon's Upper Klamath lake, one of the world's most volcanic mineral-rich and unpolluted lake, provides an opportunity to humans for something closer to an ancient health " - Dr. Paul Swanson, M.D.



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    AFA Capsules Special


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