Products for Fire Exposure

Saluz is here to do its part to offer a healing solution to the current wildfire exposure present in North America.

Two products we recommend are AFA Blue Green Algae + Protect 8 Mushroom Tincture

Smoke exposure wreaks havoc on the lungs and most importantly our cells. Wildfire smoke is a mix of gases and particles from burned materials, which can both irritate the respiratory system, worsen chronic lung conditions, and cause general inflammation. People with preexisting conditions such as asthma and allergies are more likely to become affected from wildfire smoke. 

This influx of toxins and particles requires the body release immune supporting cells from the Thymus gland. Initially it can handle the toxins, but once the toxins outweigh the immune soldiers then that is when some of the more serious symptoms start to surface. 

Respiratory Irritation, Shortness of Breath, Sore Throat, Itchy or watery eyes. 

These symptoms may be worse on populations with pre existing conditions.

Saluz is here to protect YOU


The main focus is to create balance in the body, so as stress increases it supports the body with compounds to harmonize and bring the body out of a survival state and into a restorative state.  Survival of the Fittest  The colder and hotter the environment  the more antioxidants the compounds have to create so they can remain alive. 

AFA created the “Spark of life” this planet needed to turn carbon dioxide into oxygen and create life. 

AFA connects the energy from sun, deep earth minerals, and pristine water to photosynthesize these life essential compounds to create oxygen for life. AFA had to survive extreme conditions in order to survive and thrive. 

So when YOU bring these survival compounds into your body the body is supported with the cellular supporting antioxidants. 

AFA created glutathione which is the master antioxidant of your body. AFA supports the Thymus gland so your body has the ability to protect the cells from oxidation or “rusting” due to free radical damage.

Minerals + Vitamins + Amino Acids + Enzymes.

AFA contains the proper ratio of these life essential compounds. Since the minerals from AFA are supercharged from Volcanic Minerals, and they are chelated or connected to vitamins and the enzymes this creates the password to get nutrients into the cellular lock and remove the harmful toxins the body was absorbed to during the smoke exposure.

AFA also has the highest amount of absorbable chlorophyll to support your body with fresh blood to assist in removing smoke particles out of the blood stream. 

To learn more about how AFA supports detox click here. 

Protect 8 Mushroom Tincture

We created Protect to support your body’s natural immune system.

Contains 8 different Mushrooms here are the ones that it best supports smoke detox. 

Chaga contains Melanin, there are connections of levels of melanin and skin diseases. The lower levels of melanin the more exposed you are to smoke, and higher risk of skin diseases. Chaga has a strong cell wall that it had to evolve to protect its self. So when you drink our double extraction tincture of Chaga you are supporting your body’s natural ability to protect your cells from damage as it releases its abundant amount of antioxidants.

Cordyceps has research confirming its compounds support the health of the lungs by opening airways to increase the amount of oxygen supplied to the body. 

Reishi has the ability to strengthen the lungs, many herbalists have recommended this mushroom to protect against symptoms associated with other lung conditions like acute respiratory infections, various forms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, tuberculosis, and even lung cancer. As an energy tonic, Reishi helps nurture the lungs while increasing the extraction of energy from the air we breathe. Research on Reishi have shown to directly benefit individuals with allergies, asthma and bronchitis. 

Additional tips for wildfire smoke detoxification.

  • Staying hydrated with salt water
  • Drinking many hot liquids (mushroom + Ginger tea is our favorite hot beverage)
  • Use a saline nasal spray
  • thorough rinse with a neti pot
  • Breathe in steam (can use essential oils such as peppermint, thyme, cedar etc.)
  • Practice breathwork in a protected environment

Saluz is here to support you and your families health during these challenging times.